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For big boats 

Dockmate, Yacht Controller or Shipcontroller are your main choices.

They will connect directly with your boats electronics and you can electronically control your boat at ease for docking.

All boats with electronic engine controls can be equipped with the Dockmate® system, regardless of the length or type of the boat. Our Twist transmitter, preferably worn with the included neck strap, is completely waterproof and floats. It is only the size of an iPhone and has a very simple, clear layout.

In our most simple configuration, the Twist transmitter sends a coded digital signal to the receiver which operates the engine(s) and horn. The system can be extended modularly to also control the bow thruster, stern thruster and windlass.

Operation is easy, accurate, safe and reliable, and can be done from any location aboard the boat. If the Twist transmitter somehow slips out of your hands, then all systems immediately drop to neutral. There is also an automatic shut off after 30 minutes of non-use.

The Dockmate® signal reaches up to 150 feet (50 meters). The receiver is mounted behind the dashboard and measures about 8.75” x 8.75.” Each Dockmate® system is unique and will not be disturbed by any other Dockmate®.

For smaller boats 


  • Wireless receiver module plus wireless handheld pendant – steering in the palm of your hand

  • Up to two pendants can be used

  • Steer and fish from anywhere on the boat

  • Designed for pushbutton control

  • Easy DIY installation – no need for a professional install 


Wirelessly control your kicker motor from anywhere in the boat with the all-new TAILFIN Kicker Steering System.  Adaptable to fit all major motor manufacturers, the TAILFIN system is perfect for trolling, bowfishing, small-crafts, kayaks, and pontoons!

The highlight of the TAILFIN system is the ability to adjust the speed and sensitivity of turning.  Finally, the user is able to dial in the responsiveness of their kicker turns for greater boat control than ever before!

The TAILFIN system is designed for closed throttle cruising and trolling and can be operated by hand or foot. 


Remote steering through trawling motors 

1. Minn Kota Riptide Ulterra 112 60″ Shaft 112 lbs Thrust 36V Trolling Motor with i-Pilot Link & Bluetooth

Minn Kota Riptide Ulterra 112 reviewIf you are looking for a premium trolling motor for fishing, this is the best choice. Put this baby in automatic mode, and forget about the need for steering. Instead, just relax and fish. Controlled using a Bluetooth smartphone app, you can just concentrate on reeling in your catch! It helps you easily find the best spot for fishing. The iPilot system will take you to your favorite fishing spot and keep you within a 5-foot radius. Its autopilot system will manage the direction effortlessly.

Along with autopilot, you will get a powerful thrust in the motor. It offers 112 pounds that can tackle larger waves and strong winds easily. Additionally, the shaft is made with quality material for durable use. The material promises not to break or bend easily.

When you want to be in control of the trolling motor, it is easy. It comes with a terrova foot pedal. No need to move, because it comes with an 18-foot cord. You can use heel-toe motion for directing.

Also, because of a cut-off switch, you can easily stow the motor. As a result, this will always make a quick impact on the motor to stow.

It is powered by a 36-volt battery. However, you will get five times better battery runtime than other trolling motors. It has an energy-saving feature in order to save your battery life. Therefore, you can easily get a longer time on the water for fishing or adventures. You can also get a battery meter to see how much battery is left.

2. MotorGuide Xi5 Wireless Trolling Motor – Saltwater – GPS – 55lbs-48″

MotorGuide Xi5 Wireless reviewLooking for a modern trolling motor for your boat? A fisherman’s prayers will be answered with this wireless trolling motor. The wireless system has a foot pedal control. Just relax, because you don’t have to move to control the boat. In fact, you can easily control the motor from anywhere.

It comes with a 48-inch strong shaft. The shaft is made of stainless steel for durable quality and long life. Also, the thrust will provide 55 pounds of power that is enough for most boats. This will make your fishing experience memorable and productive.

This trolling motor comes with a status indicator screen. It comes equipped with LED lights in the controller. Go ahead and check the updates and status of your battery in any light, and find many other helpful features too. It actually shows four important functions. Also, the manufacturer uses three different colors for the battery indicator.

The technology of this motor is truly new-generation. It uses digital technology and quality materials for long-lasting use. You will get nearly 50% efficiency over other motors and your battery will last longer than others. In addition, the digital speed control system ensures a smooth and easy ride experience.

The base is made of aluminum to be lightweight and durable. In addition to being a corrosion-resistant trolling motor, the stainless steel hardware will always give you a classic experience. There is also a secondary lock for safety. As a result, it will prevent potential damage by the new users.

Another option is that the motor can record and save up to 8 routes. Therefore, it can easily guide you when you use the control, allowing you to lock the positions and anchored positions for fishing.

Overall, this digital trolling motor is for saltwater. The design is ideal with a good combination of features. If you want an easy-to-use motor, this is the right motor for your fishing or adventure time.


3. Minn-Kota Riptide Terrova 55 Electric Trolling Motor

Minn-Kota Riptide Terrova 55 reviewAny saltwater fisherman looking for a trolling motor that is easy-to-use, can rest their eyes with satisfaction on the Minn-Kota Riptide Terrova. It comes with an advanced co-pilot system for fishing. The co-pilot can easily both steer and control the speed. It offers a newly redesigned pedal for optional use. In addition, it has a standard hand control system with a deploy-assist lever.

Along with co-pilot, it will also offer you a number of standard features. You will get enough power for good speed. The 55-pound thrust is enough to take on big waves and winds. The stainless steel shaft ensures durability and high-performance. It has a 48-inch shaft for easy use with up to 55-pound motors using the controller.

The easy-to-control remote is compact in design and of course, it’s waterproof, but it also floats on the water. The designers of this motor have truly thought of everything, so there is no risk of damaging or losing the remote on the water. Also, heavy or extra winds help to dissipate the heat of the motor. This eco-friendly and innovative feature increases the battery life of the motor.

The motor also comes with a unique bearing system. The system reduces the sound of the motor. As a result, it promotes peaceful fishing without disturbance, in your beloved fishing spot. Also, the GPS system in the motor helps to find that perfect fishing spot. You can relax, resting assured your trolling motor has led you right to those fish.

Overall, this is a great trolling motor for your fishing boat or any boat. Its advanced corrosion resistant material will always protect your motor. You will get good speed with easy handling. These features make this an ideal trolling motor with durability, easy handling, and low maintenance cost.


Coast Key a try keyless ignition system for boats 

CoastKey is an innovative keyless ignition system. A personalized PIN code gives you easy access to the start panel. From the panel, you can conveniently start and stop all the engines, no keys necessary! Since CoastKey is modular in design, a FOB can easily be added, which gives you remote start, as well as additional wireless functionality, including a wireless engine kill switch. This gives you, as the captain, freedom of movement and safety by automatically stopping the engines if you fall overboard.


They have 3 versions 

Basic Keyless start



Keyless start

Remote start stop 

Man over board stop 



Keyless start

Remote start stop 

Man over board stop 

Remote Trim-Tilt 



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