ICS NAV 6 eNAVTEX system

ICS NAV 6 eNAVTEX system

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Dual Channel NAVTEX Receiver and Display

The ICS NAV6 series of NAVTEX receivers have long been synonymous with the high quality manufacturer and reliability throughout the product range.

The NAV6 was the world's first LCD NAVTEX system to offer dual channel (518kHz and 490kHz) reception as standard. Information is presented on a large and easy-to-read LCD display, rivalling paper print-out for legibility.

NAVTEX is part of the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS). It broadcasts weather and navigation warnings in English on 518kHz every four hours from transmitters around the world. Increasingly, local language and small craft information is also transmitted on 490kHz. Urgent messages such as gale warnings can also be transmitted in between scheduled transmissions when necessary.

NAV6 eNAVTEX System V2 Features

The NAV6 eNAVTEX is now available for purchase. The eNAVTEX App brings NAVTEX to your PC or tablet allowing you to view your NAVTEX messages, MMSI data, NAVTEX Stations and their broadcast and plot them on an easy to use PC based map display/chart. All NAV6 NAVTEX Systems are available without a Antenna option.