NASA MeteoMan Barometer with Masthead unit

NASA MeteoMan Barometer with Masthead unit

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For a yachtsman planning a voyage, the ability to predict the weather is essential.

The rate of change of barometric pressure and history of wind speed can be an invaluable indicator of imminent conditions.

Many sailors rely on low cost domestic barometers, which are inaccurate, have low resolution and very poor history. Several quality paper recording instruments exist but are delicate, fiddly to use and rely on paper which can jam when damp. The MeteoMan overcomes all these problems. It provides an accurate, high resolution barograph recording in excess of five days data on barometric pressure and wind speed. It is easy to use, reliable, rugged and draws very little power from the boat’s battery.

This Meteoman version is supplied with an NMEA Wind sensor which provides wind direction, wind speed and external temperature. The Meteoman provides reliable meteorological information for the yachtsman. The main display shows the wind speed and direction, the ambient temperature and the barometric pressure.

To assist in predicting future trends the unit also displays a precision barograph and an anemograph showing barometric pressure and wind speed for the previous five days.

In addition to the meteorological functions the unit includes a marine chronometer, a stop watch, a race countdown timer, display of internal temperature and battery voltage.

NMEA Wind Sensor supplied with mounting brackets and 20 metres of two core screened cable.

NMEA 0183 sentences: Wind speed/direction MWV Temperature XDR.