Shakespeare Sigma Supra Long Cast Sea Fishing Reel

Shakespeare Sigma Supra Long Cast Sea Fishing Reel

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  • 3+1 Bearings
  • Aluminium Main spool
  • Graphite spare deep spool
  • Large diameter bail wire

Shakespeare Sigma Supra Long Cast

Shakespeare has long been the brand of choice for anglers who want to use top end tackle without the top end price tag and the brand is favoured amongst experienced anglers on a budget as much as it is preferred by novice anglers. As with all of the reels in the Sigma range this Sigma Supra Long Cast has been built to balance perfectly on rods from Shakespeare’s Sigma range. This version of the Sigma Supra has been designed with distance casting in mind and is ideal for long cast applications across the sea fishing and carp fishing disciplines.

To make it the distance angler’s friend, the reel has been fitted with a large conical spool. This ensures that you’re able to cast out to all the features that you require enabling you to make exceptional catches that you never thought possible before. The reel has been fitted with the ability to assure excellent line lay. Not only does this further increase potential casting distance but it also maintains the life of the line as it reduces the risk of damage on the spool itself.

The Shakespeare Sigma Supra Long Cast is fitted with three ball bearings, as well as an additional roller bearing. This makes sure that the reel is a silky smooth operator and gives exceptional performance throughout its lifespan. The reel is supplied with an aluminium main spool, which offers incredible durability and performance consistency.

It is also supplied with a graphite spare spool. This second spool is a deep option spool, which is ideal for those anglers who fish on the largest venues up and down the country – as well those you target tricky coastal waters. It also makes this reel suited to continental angling, where anglers are regularly faced with larger venues and opponents than they face on British waters.

Select reel model:

Sigma Supra 70 (641-1355808)

Line Length: 243m
Line Diameter: 0.4mm
Gear Ratio: 4:1:1
Weight: 519g
Manufactureres Part No: 1355808

Sigma Supra 80 (641-1355809)

Line Length: 280m
Line Diameter: 0.5mm
Gear Ratio: 4:1:1
Weight: 762g
Manufactureres Part No: 1355809