Raymarine Element 9 S

Raymarine Element 9 S

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  • High visibility / high contrast 1,500 nit screens in 7, 9 and 12" sizes
  • Quad-core, 64-bit processor running the new LightHouse Sport OS
  • NMEA-2000 networking for wind, depth and speed trnasducers as well as other accessories
  • AIS Compatibility
  • Autopilot Compatibility
  • Waypoint and route sharing over NMEA-2000
  • Support for numerous regionally desired cartography options including
  • LightHouse NC2, Navionics, C-Map and more
  • Dedicated hard-key controls to keep the screen free of fingerprints and debris
  • High CHIRP sonar for dependeble bottom tracking

High CHIRP Sonar

Outstanding abilitiy to track bottom to depths of up to 900ft.
Basic fish finder for bottom material recognition during anchoring.
9-pin transducer connector for direction connection of raymarine CPT-S transom or thru-hull transducers.

Activity-Centric LightHouse 3 Sport OS

  • Dedicated keys for the most common actions
  • Dropping waypoints
  • Zoom / Range Changes
  • User-Programmable app keys to enable quick page changes
  • New "most recent" waypoint menu
  • Allows quick access to the most commonly used waypoint symbols
  • Plentiful Storage
  • 10,000 waypoints (up to 200 groups)
  • 250 routes (up to 500 waypoints each)
  • 15 tracks (up to 10,000 points each)

Activity-Centric LightHouse 3 Sport OS

Running mode emphasizes all of your critical information when at speed.
User-enabled or automatically activated when boat speed exceeds 10mph.


Full RX6 support affords consumers the choice of any charting option from Raymarine's broad cartography portfolio.

  • Real-Time Contours
  • Raymarine RealBathy
  • Navionics SonarCharts Live
  • Auto-Routing
  • Navionics Dock-to-Dock

LightHouse Navigation Charts 2

  • New high-detail coastline base map to support RealBathy contour generation
  • Combined LightHouse navigation charts Gen 1 with fishing hots spots cartography and marked fishing areas
  • User configurable depth shading gradient (dark to light or light to dark)
  • Includes approximately 1,000 tide stations

RealBathy Contour Generation

  • Real-time 1 foot contours
  • Variable overlay transparancy
  • Safe depth colorization
  • Generates contour from any depth source (sonar or instrument)

RealBathy is available on all element products and requires a microSD card with available space inserted into the card reader.

Sailing and Cruising Features

  • New sailing profile w/ boat icon and updated dashboard pages
  • Support for expanded NMEA-2000 sentences (Wind, STW, etc.)
  • Airmar SmartSenson support (DST800, P79S, etc.)
  • Analog Transducer Support (via ITC-5; no calibration)
  • MDS for certain data sources (Depth, STW, GPS and Wind)

Expanded Peripheral Compatibility

AIS compatibility (STng and standard 3rd party Rx/Tx AIS modules)
External NMEA-2000 GPS Support (Ideal for hard top and pilothouse boats)

Tides Mode

Visual representation of miltiple tide and current starions with tide, drift, set and current for 24 hour periods.

Quad-core Processor

A catagory first, Element's quad-core processing power will set a new benchmark for combo performance.

  • Instantaneouse chart redraw
  • Silky-smooth page and menu transitions

The only competitor that boasts quad core processors is the Lowrance HDS Live and that is only on their 12 and 16" models only. 7 and 9" models have a dual core processor.

What's in the box?

Element S combo unit

  • Flush mount kit w/ mounting hardware
  • Sun cover
  • Trunnion bracket w/ mounting hardware
  • Documentation pack
  • Power/NMEA-2000 cable (1.5m)

Cartography (optional)