Scangrip NOVA 10K Rugged W/P IP67 COB LED 10000 Lumen Worklight 230v

Scangrip NOVA 10K Rugged W/P IP67 COB LED 10000 Lumen Worklight 230v

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NOVA 10K is the most powerful SCANGRIP lamp on the market, upholding 10000 lumen, making it a universal all-round work light for the most challenging lighting operations in every working environment. The sturdiness of the new NOVA 10K makes it endure the rough, wet and dirty environment at the construction site, and can be used indoors and for outdoor work under all kinds of weather conditions. The new light dimmer function makes it possible to adjust the light into five different levels.

Featuring the latest and unique COB LED technology, the NOVA 10K delivers extremely high light output, with a uniform and completely even illumination. The CRI value is close to that of daylight, and the NOVA housing is made of a robust diecasted aluminum, resistant to strong strokes, shocks and vibration – perfect for a working environment.

With the integrated wireless light control feature you can easily control up to four work lights. The light control also makes it possible to turn on/off the lamp and adjust the light output to suit the work task in question. The wireless application is perfect when working with one or more hard-to-reach lamps, for example positioned on the SCANGRIP TRIPOD. Download the light control app from App Store for iOS, Google Play for Android.

The design of the NOVA 10K is unique and covered by EU design patent RCD No 2954123.

Impact Protection : IK07 Protected against 2 joules impact. - Equivalent to impact of 0.5 kg mass dropped from 400 mm above impacted surface.