Snowbee 2D Spey Line

Snowbee 2D Spey Line

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  • Head Length Height: 62ft

Weight Options Select between:

  • 8/9 (36g) Manufacturers Part No: 2D8/9F
  • 9/10 (40g) Manufacturers Part No: 2D9/10F
  • 10/11(44g) Manufacturers Part No: 2D10/11F

On large open rivers there is normally plenty of room for Spey casting and the size of the D loop is not a limiting factor.

Spey casting your way down a tree-lined or steep sided river however adds another dimension. Using a line with too short or too long a head and finding the optimum rod load point is left pretty much to guesswork.

Snowbee’s development team has tackled the situation head on and produced a range of lines that are perfectly balanced for Spey casting in just about any river environment.