Snowbee Classic Fly Line Fast Sink

Snowbee Classic Fly Line Fast Sink

  • $1,481.90
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  • Shorter, steeper tapers
  • The casting performance is more forgiving and ensures good turnover of large flies with maximum casting distance 
  • Fast Sinking Fly Line - 30 yard line - dark green/grey 
  • Sink rate of 4–4.5 ips 

Available Variations

  • AFTM 5 Manufacturers Part No: (CF5FS)
  • AFTM 6 Manufacturers Part No: (CF6FS)
  • AFTM 7 Manufacturers Part No: (CF7FS)
  • AFTM 8 Manufacturers Part No: (CF8FS)
Snowbee Classic Fly Lines are Snowbee's economy priced range aimed at the budget conscious fly angler. 
At these prices you would not expect the supreme performance of the XS range of fly lines, however they offer good, reliable performance and make exceptional 'entry level' or Combi Outfit line.