Snowbee Classic Fly Line

Snowbee Classic Fly Line

  • $1,605.50
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  • Good and reliable performance
  • Excellent entry level or combo kit line
  • Available in High Vis and Pale Yellow

Available Versions

We offer 4 versions of the line based on their AFTM Rating (See helpsheet for more details).

High Vis

  • AFTM 5: (CF5HV)
  • AFTM 6: (CF6HV)
  • AFTM 7: (CF7HV)
  • AFTM 8: (CF8HV)

Pale Yellow

  • AFTM 4: (CF4F)
  • AFTM 5: (CF5F)
  • AFTM 6: (CF6F)
  • AFTM 7: (CF7F)
  • AFTM 8: (CF8F)
Snowbee Classic is a quality range of Fly Lines at affordable prices. For many years, Snowbee has been producing some of the best quality fly lines on the market. Their new range now includes an economy priced selection of lines aimed at the budget conscious angler. At these prices, you would not expect the supreme performance of the XS range of lines, however they offer good, reliable performance and make an exceptional entry level or combo kit line.