Snowbee Classic Salmon Floating Lines

Snowbee Classic Salmon Floating Lines

  • $2,264.20
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  • A quality range of fly lines at affordable prices
  • Braided low stretch core for memory free presentation
  • Short head for easy casting of any ability, in all density options
  • Shorter, steeper tapers, providing a more forgiving casting performance
  • Two loop connectors included

For many years Snowbee has produced some of the best quality fly lines on the market. Our range now includes a small, economy priced range of lines aimed at the budget conscious angler. At these prices, you might not expect the same supreme performance of the XS range, however they offer good, reliable performance and make an exceptional entry level or Combi Outfit line. With shorter, steeper tapers, the casting performance is more forgiving and ensures good turn-over of large flies at maximum casting distance.

35yds (105ft) floating Salmon Spey line with a short, easy to manage 48ft head. Great as a budget starter kit for the newcomers to salmon fishing and short enough head for overhead casting too. A strong core means this line can also double as long head saltwater line too capable of turning over larger flies.