Snowbee EXD Floating Lines

Snowbee EXD Floating Lines

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  • Very supple fly line by Snowbee
  • Short Hi-Viz Chartreuse head and Hi-Viz Orange running line
  • It will deliver a cast at range with very little back cast
  • Designed for use in tight spaces
  • Or simply effortless distance casting
  • Great for even the modest beginner
  • Excels when teamed up with the correct weighted fly rod

Every fly fisher knows the frustration of being in a tight swim, with little to no opportunity for back casts, but still needing to send their line out to a good distance. With the Snowbee EXD Floating Line, you don’t need to feel that frustration any more.

Featuring a hi-viz chartreuse head on a hi-viz orange running line, this floating fly line is designed for easy casts to range with little back cast, giving you the edge in tight spaces, on crowded venues, or banks with a lot of overhanging trees.

A supple line that’s suitable for beginners, the EXD is a popular choice for anglers looking for a line they can rely on in any situation.

Whether you know you’ll be fishing a tight spot, or you simply like to travel prepared, the Snowbee EXD Floating Line is the ideal choice to ensure you can always achieve the cast, and results, you want in all your fly fishing sessions.