Snowbee Prestige Switch Floating Fly Line

Snowbee Prestige Switch Floating Fly Line

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Select Between 200 and 450 Grain Line

  • 200 Grain Manufacturers Part No: (SF200)
  • 250 Grain Manufacturers Part No: (SF250)
  • 300 Grain Manufacturers Part No: (SF300)
  • 350 Grain Manufacturers Part No: (SF350)
  • 400 Grain Manufacturers Part No: (SF400) 
  • 450 Grain Manufacturers Part No: (SF450)

Snowbee 'Switch' Floating Fly Lines, a totally new design and profile to perfectly match and complement the Snowbee Switch Rods.
Modern day Switch lines are a little like a ‘compressed’ Spey line, with a short, heavy head similar to a shooting head profile, but in the popular ‘Skagit’ style.

The difference is that the bulk of the weight is at the back of the head ,to provide the power to create tight D-loops and effortless distance. A long shallow front taper provides a smooth energy transfer for controlled and accurate presentation. Switch lines are ideally fished with a Snowbee Poly-Coated Leader, allowing different fishing depths, depending on the density used. A short, steep rear taper compresses the weight into the head where it’s needed and connects smoothly to a fine diameter, continuous running line for minimum friction and maximum shootability.