Snowbee XS Buzzer Line - Ivory/Olive

Snowbee XS Buzzer Line - Ivory/Olive

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  • Designed for optimum performance
  • Last 3-4ft of the front taper section is coloured a neutral shade of olive
  • Where it has been designed to sink slowly
  • Improves successful hook ups and feel
  • Great when straight line nymphing and buzzer fishing
  • Colour: Olive/Ivory
  • Sink Rate: Floating / 1.5-2ips Tip

Giving you the optimum performance when you’re fishing buzzers from the bank or boat, the final 3-4ft of the Snowbee XS Buzzer Line is presented in a neutral olive, which gives you an unobtrusive presentation, with a slow sink rate that gives you a better feel of the water column, resulting in more hook-ups throughout your fly fishing session.

A fly line that can be used for fishing buzzers or nymphs, the XS Buzzer Line is a versatile fly fishing line that can be relied on for superior performance and better results across a range of venues.

Presented in classic ivory, with the olive tip, this is a subtle and unobtrusive line that’s perfect if you want a stealthy approach.