Snowbee XS Intermediate Lines

Snowbee XS Intermediate Lines

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  • XS Nano, friction free coating
  • Low stretch monofilament core
  • Slick casting line with even sink rate
  • Clear mono core & clear coating, for maximum stealth approach
  • Traditional XS profile for good turn-over, even at distance & superb shoot ability
  • Colour: Clear

All Snowbee fly lines are designed in the UK and are recognised by top professionals everywhere, as truly world-class and arguably the best British fly lines ever made. The Snowbee success story in the development of high quality fly lines continues unabated. Ask a large majority of top UK anglers, which lines they use and the chances are, that they are already using a Snowbee. By using a computer controlled production system, Snowbee are able to incorporate minute changes to fly line profiles to meet the very precise demands of todays modern fly fishers.

Add to this the unique Snowbee high performance and exclusive coating process and you have a fly line with the slickest finish, lowest-friction and lowest memory characteristics youll find anywhere! The combination of outstanding Snowbee XS performance, with virtual invisibility, due to its clear colour, makes this versatile line deadly for all sub-surface fishing, whether buzzer, nymph, Sea Trout, or saltwater fly-fishing. Minimal stretch for ultimate feel, this is a stealth fishing line that every angler should have on one of his or her spare spools.