Snowbee XS Neutral Density Lines

Snowbee XS Neutral Density Lines

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  • Low stretch core for a smooth, memory-free performance
  • Sub-Surface profile
  • Hangs at subsurface instead of sinking further down
  • Mustard colour
  • Line weights #5, #6, #7 and #8

XS fly lines were developed by Snowbee over 25 years ago, and are still reputedly the best traditional fly lines on the market. The Neutral Density has a slow, uniform sink rate that hangs around subsurface instead of sinking further, out of sight from the fish.

Legendary XS Quality

The unique coating formula and profile, along with the classic low-stretch core, creates a supple and memory-free performance. This is what’s made the XS range the champion of fly lines for over two and a half decades.

Sub-Surface Profile

Snowbee’s Sub-Surface fly lines are all made with the same exacting profile to avoid the inherent hinging and 'kick' associated with some sink tip lines. This profile offers the best possible presentation and turnover.

Controlled Sink Rate

Too many lines sink quickly below subsurface fish. The super slow, uniform sink rate of this line makes it 'hang' just subsurface instead. So once it cuts through the surface, the Neutral Density fly line sinks very slowly with immense control and feel.