Simrad SonarHub Module power cable and Ethernet Cable 4.5m

Simrad SonarHub Module power cable and Ethernet Cable 4.5m

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  • Utilise CHIRP with the Airmar™ 150 transducer for optimal sonar performance.
  • Side and DownScan plus Single Frequency Sonar (50 kHz, 83 kHz, 200 kHz).
  • Performance identical to current StructureScan HD.
  • Broadband dual frequency: Single frequency sonar (83, 50, 200 kHz) and DownScan Imaging also works with HDI Transducers.
  • Use any of the existing 50/200 kHz and 83/200 kHz Simrad/Airmar 7 pin blue transducers for excellent single frequency performance.
  • ForwardScan - See what’s under the water in front of your boat.

SonarHub is Simrad’s new all-in-one sounder solution combining StructureScan® HD and CHIRP sonar. It is ideal for marking fish and tracking lure action, and can provide easy-to-understand, picture like views of structure and bottom detail.

Offering a powerful performance advantage in any situation, the new module’s Frequency Sweeping Pulse Compression technology - known as CHIRP sonar - provides high-definition detail to depths of 3,500 feet; while its StructureScan HD functionality gives boaters picture-like displays for more productive fishing, diving, and search and recovery operations.

The compact SonarHub™ module provides an all-in-one solution for adding  StructureScan® HD and CHIRP sonar capabilities to Simrad NS multifunction displays.

Compatible with the complete line of Simrad NSS Sport, NSE Expert and NSO Offshore multifunction displays, the plug-and-play network solution makes it easier than ever to identify productive fishing areas with connectivity to the latest Simrad sonar technologies - including StructureScan® HD and CHIRP.

The innovative SonarHub module features three built-in Ethernet ports for quick and convenient networking without the need for an extra Ethernet networking module.

Compatible transducers from Simrad Yachting and AIRMAR are sold separately, and the SonarHub is protected by the Simrad Advantage Service program.