Solar Technology 12V 68AH Lifos Lithium Battery

Solar Technology 12V 68AH Lifos Lithium Battery

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Long Life 

LiFOS has a 5-year warranty and its integral Battery Management System (BMS) guarantees its Depth of Discharge (DOD) does not exceed 90%, thus ensuring that LiFOS gives no less than 2750 charge and discharge cycles. If LiFOS is only partially discharged to 50% of its capacity, for example the number of times it can be charged and discharged jumps to 5000 (+13yrs)

Depth of Discharge (DOD)

All batteries have a DOD. It's typical to expect a battery using lead acid and gel compounds to give a 50% DOD. This means if, for example, such a battery is rated at 100Ah, it will only provide usable power of 50Ah. LiFOS has a 90% DOD, providing 61.2Ah of usable power, which means that to replicate the available power provided by LiFOS, a +120Ah lead acid or gel battery would be needed.


LiFOS is a featherwieght 7.8kg.  When compared to a good quality 120 Ah lead acid battery at circa 34kgs, LiFOS gicves and impressive 77% weight saving.

Battery Management and Communication System

LiFOS has uniquely designed harware/software integrated into each battery which allows it to:

Operate heavy loads up to 1000w (e.g caravan motor movers)

Protect the battery from deep discharging

Enable it to be charged by any mains charger (not just a special lithium charger)

Speed up charging times, whether being charged by mains or solar

Provide users with a unique view of the charge and discharge performance of their battery on a smartphone via a simple-to-understand Android / Apple App. This free App provides extremely accurate information - generally far more so than a typical analogue battery meter. The App, once connected to a smart device, will also send users a reminder to put their LiFOS on charge once it has been discharged to 30% thus further prolonging its life.

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