Solar Technology 100wp PV Logic Flexi White/Top Exit Kit & 10ah Regulator

Solar Technology 100wp PV Logic Flexi White/Top Exit Kit & 10ah Regulator

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  • Size: 1000x665x4mm
  • Weight: 3.75Kg
  • *Watts per day: 600
  • *Amp hours per day: 36.84
  • Charge controller: 10Ah
  • Vmp nominal voltage: 17.6V
  • Imp nominal current: 6.14A
  • Voc: 21.9V
  • Isc short circuit current: 6.68A

*Watts and Amp hours/day based on six hours of average
daily peak sunshine hours.

Ideal for flat roofs as well as surfaces with a slight curve, the PV Logic Flexi solar panels are robust, lightweight and extremely versatile. Perfect for marine buoys, boat decks and camper vans, the panel’s seven layer construction of delivers performance and strength.

The ETFE top layer is ‘self-healing’ so that if a panel comes into contact with something abrasive, such as a branch, any slight scratches are ‘healed’ within a few hours.

During production the ETFE is dimpled to further protect the panel and provide an anti-slip surface, particularly useful if the panel is fitted to a boat deck.

To ensure long term performance in the most extreme
environments, the Flexi panels are tested to ASTM B117 - ISO9227 for salt water spray over 1000 hours as well as accelerated Ultraviolet (UV) testing to ISO 4892.

PV Logic flexi solar panels have a 5-year product warranty and a 20-year cell warranty (cell performance warranty states that at 20 years the cell output will be no less than 80% of new performance values – i.e. the cell degradation rate will be no greater than 20% in 20 years).

A 10Ah charge controller should be used with this panel to protect the battery from being overcharged and to prevent reverse of current drain. We recommend the STCC10 or the MPPT Pro Charge Controller.