Railblaza Rail Mount 19-25 Pair Black

Railblaza Rail Mount 19-25 Pair Black

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RAILBLAZA RailMounts are simple-to-use mounts, allowing the easy attachment of RAILBLAZA accessories, and many other things, to your rails. Combine them with a RAILBLAZA Platform or TracPort Dash 500 and the possibilities are endless!.

The RailMount 19-25 can be mounted onto any 19-25mm(.75-1'') rail in minutes, they come either as a pair of RailMounts, or packaged as a single RailMount & StarPort combo.

All RailMounts come complete with adapters, rubber grips, self-adhesive grip tape and the necessary stainless steel mounting screws.

In The Box

2 x RailMount 19-25 (top and bottom sections), 2 x rail diameter adapter (20 - 25 mm), 4 x non-slip rubber inserts, 2 x self adhesive grip tape, 2 x M6x50 screws, 2 x M6 nuts.